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Inlägg  2econdskin i sön okt 31, 2010 4:26 pm

hi all

i just wanted to share my newest velo solex ( if you can call a hungarian velo that Very Happy )
I bought it in august and ive had my share of problems with the engine ( se motorforum ), but after a good overhaul it ran pretty smooth. I ve fixed up the lights and i must say, in comparasion with the original solex whos illumination is pretty bad ( just my experience ), this one can really make night into day. It has both high and low beam and a horn.
i tried another way with the rearlights and put 2xLED diodes, with a 300ohm resistance ( modstand) welded to the +side. It works pretty well so far.

The paint wasn't all that great and it had alot of scratches, so i pimped it up and painted it with gold paint, finishing it of with a layer of clear paint ( klar lak ). I just thought it could look rather fun and make some heads turn Laughing ( and it did, ive been ridin' it all week to almost every bystanders amusement )

So here it is "goldmember"






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Inlägg  BrianSolex i sön feb 27, 2011 4:22 am

Very nice!
Solex gourou de luxe
Solex gourou de luxe

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